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Greetings friends,

These are exciting and challenging times for the world, our families and ourselves. It is so thrilling/gratifying/enlivening to see how wisdom - wisdom that is alive and growing - wisdom that is put into practice - changes lives.

The year kicked off with the Brisbane Living Wisdom School:

January Two-Week School (Ormeau/Brisbane)

We had many 'firsts' in this school together early this year.

- We had the highest number of students attend a school in Australia so far!

- We were in the midst of the Omicron Wave, although this is the 4th school I have taken

during this Pandemic.

- By the end of the second week we had around 10 students online, home with Omicron

- We had the most Level 2 students in one school to date, working on very pertinent

and beneficial topics that will be a guide and useful study for others.

- I am grateful for all the help given to me by Shirley-Ann, Katrina, Sammy and the

students themselves. I could not have done this without them.

I am honoured that David and Rosemary Riddell have given me permission to carry the name, Living Wisdom Australia. The website has been updated and changes will continue as I work on becoming a 'hub' for all things Living Wisdom in Australia. Counsellors using the Living Wisdom model are all autonomous with their own websites and social media and I can answer enquiries about who and where they are. The SHOP will continue to grow as I add new resources being produced by myself and other Living Wisdom representatives in Australia.

Living Wisdom School in Cairns - 20th June to 1st July

I am delighted to offer our 8th Living Wisdom School in Cairns. Registrations are already coming in! If you are planning on coming from another location I would highly recommend looking at flights sooner rather than later. I have just booked mine and flights are selling out quite quickly. One week is in the school term and the other is in the school holidays. You might be able to work this in with a family holiday - Far North Queensland is a great place to be in June/July. Thanks go the The Lakes Church for allowing me to use their great venue and enjoy their Cairns hospitality again. I have made many friends there over the years and always enjoy heading back up to connect again. I would love YOU to join me for 10 days of rapid personal growth and great break throughs!

My Life Rulz Testimony

My Life Rulz resources have been developed to intentionally give a child the ability to develop emotional resilience during their formative years. It is always good to hear people's feedback. This feedback is special to me because Amanda came across the resources early on and now her boys are older. Our hopes are encouraged and confirmed in her story.

I stumbled across the My Life Rulz book when I was doing a course with living wisdom.

At the time I was solo parenting and my sons were 9 and 7 years old.

It was 'building emotional resilience' that grabbed my attention as the separation of the family had left its mark and I needed tools to navigate the new terrain and guide my sons into wholeness. Such simple truths written in a way we could all grasp onto. Even myself at 40 needed it. I read it to my sons daily at first and then weekly. I typed out the Rulz and stuck them to the side of their bedside cabinets and gave them $1 for each rule memorised.

When they came home from school and said they felt stink because so and so was better than them at whatever, I could say “hey hey hey, what’s rule no 9….comparing myself to others is out of bounds in my thoughts”. What happened is an acceptance of who they were and an acceptance of who others were. That’s just one simple example.

We moved to Australia in 2020 and even though they were much older and in college, the 'Rulz' came back into play. Loneliness came into play, and covid came into play and their Aunty passed away. Out came the book. God and life are not the same thing and how accurate is that when covid could be frightening and a questioning time.

All the Rulz we had memorised could easily be recalled and were absolutely necessary for us all to hold onto in hard times. I have been able to raise (in a single-parented home), two emotionally intelligent young men, with good communication skills, empathy and stability.

My life Rulz had a lot to do with that. I can not recommend this parenting tool highly enough.

Amanda Stanaway

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