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Greetings From Joan - Living Wisdom and My Life Rulz

Living Wisdom News

Perth Living Wisdom Course - 2 weeks 16th to 27th of October

Registrations are now open for the last school in Australia for 2023. I am very excited that David Riddell will be your main teacher with me as 2IC. We have booked a tentative venue in Southern River but are still looking for something more central. If you have any ideas or contacts please let me know. Every week a client or a friend tells me about how the 2-week course had such an impact on them and how they are still growing in the concepts and discovering ongoing healing and insight. I would strongly encourage you to do all you can to attend! You won't be disappointed.

One-Day Workshop with David Riddell

While David is in Australia he is willing to stay an few extra days to offer a full day's workshop in Brisbane. The topic will be Building Better Relationships because we are ALL in a relationship of some kind.

I am currently working on booking a venue but I am hoping it will be around the Wynnum, Springwood, Rochedale area.

As usual with a day workshop, your morning tea and Workbook are supplied and I will have resources for sale. You are asked to bring your own lunch and we will run from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm

The cost is an incredibly reasonable $60 per person. Register here.

Joans Counselling Calendar

I apologise that my availability is difficult and I realise this has been an ongoing issue this year. However, until a very time-consuming My Life Rulz project is completed and I am more settled in my routine and at a base, my availability will probably remain tricky. There are several other counsellor recommendations on my website and I hope that you get the support and professional help you need.

My Life Rulz News

I am really hoping and doing my best to see the My Life Rulz Social and Emotional Health Program for Faith-based schools finished by the end of the year. It is a huge task and has been in the pipeline for several years. with many amazing people contributing to it so far.

There is a growing concern about how long Faith-based education will be 'allowed' in Australia so it is becoming even more important that this project is in as many schools as possible. I am working on pulling together a team to speed this up (no one can fly to the moon alone) and I certainly haven't got what it takes on my own ether. I am calling for people with any of the following:-

- a passion for children to be empowered with truth and resiliency

- some spare time

- social media skills

- graphic and design skills

- recording and/or filming abilities

If you feel a tug towards this I would suggest a Zoom call with me so I can explain and show you the project and we can go from there. No obligation or pressure!

My Life Rulz Resources

You can now purchase My Life Rulz resources from the Living Wisdom Website. Eventually, everything will be done from one website.

New New Zealand Distributor

I am looking for a new New Zealand Distributor for My Life Rulz sales in NZ. It involves holding stock and sending out orders. There is a small payment for each order sent. Most months there are no more than 4 orders unless there is a new product or special, which could mean more orders. If you have a bit of room in your home and don't mind some trips to the Post Office and would like to be part of this ministry, I would love to hear from you.

Personal News
My HEALTH is fantastic! My last blood tests and visit with my Haematologist showed that I am free of cancer! I am so grateful to God and all the people who have prayed for me and fasted with me. I am rebuilding my strength and fitness and my body is recovering from the treatments. All is well with my soul.

Trip to Cairns and Cooktown

In June I enjoyed a trip up to Cooktown to connect with the Christian School there and introduce My Life Rulz. I also had the privilege of speaking at one of the local churches. What a wonderful, friendly and committed group of people up there. I went in Winter and I wouldn't like it much hotter! I was looked after, taken care of and shown around. I hope to return in January to help out again.

I also had a special time in Cairns even though the training school didn't go ahead. I caught up with some friends, enjoyed the beautiful weather, did some counselling, spoke at The Lakes and got some work done on the MLR project. Two other big highlights were a perfect day on the Great Barrier Reef and a tandem Hang Gliding experience. Life is good!

South Australia for 2 months

As of the 24th of July, I will be in South Australia with family until the end of September. I am still working (a little less) and making the most of being free from weekly hospital treatments.

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Dan Usher
Dan Usher
Jul 25, 2023

Hi Joan

Just checking in case Im missing something - When I attempt to register for the one day course with David it reroutes me to the booking page where there is no details for the course you mentioned. Is it a glitch in the matrix or am I still IT illiterate ? If it is still available any info would be great 🙂

Jul 25, 2023
Replying to

Sorry Dan, I will get onto it.

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