Summer Newsletter 2021

Greetings from Living Wisdom Australia (Joan Koskela), I can’t believe another year is at its close and as I approach Christmas with the promise of summer weather, family gatherings, ­­­­­­fellowship and rest from my teaching and counselling schedule. I’m reminded again of how grateful I am for the life I am living thanks to two of my best and trusted friends Jesus and Wisdom/David Riddell. That may sound a little passe but as many of you know my story you will be able to celebrate with me the joy and freedom I have on a daily basis because I’ve followed Jesus and trust the truth that is woven all through Living Wisdom. It’s my honour to share what I have learnt with you all and so as you and your loved ones prepare to close 2021 and welcome 2022 can I ask you an important question, is your mind your friend?

The last two years have brought enormous opportunities to grow our character beyond where it was. This is important because our character is the only thing we will be able to gift back to God at the end of days. It is also the attitude that those around us must inherit each day. Are you proud of who you are becoming? Friends, if you still need support to become a better version of you, I will be back in 2022 hosting two-week schools, workshops, counselling and sharing wisdom with all who have ears to hear and a heart to learn. Until we meet again, I wish you and your loved ones, love, hope, joy and curiosity that leads you to greater truth.

A Future Hope - Shirley-Ann Rowley In this season of recovery from cancer I’ve received a new revelation on the principle of reaping a harvest from what I have sown. The past five years have been filled with trauma and loss. I think it is fair to say I’ve endured a Job experience. I think endured is the right word as opposed to suffered. I didn’t suffer because I was never afraid and in the absence of fear, I had no anxiety. God blessed me!

I am moving forward from a desert place and now I have the privilege to re-build my world with intent & discernment. A cornerstone of my new foundation is Living Wisdom not only because of the integrity of the work but also because of the principal lead, ambassador, role model and friend we all have in Joan Koskela.

Shirley-Ann with the Ukulele for Wellness group at COUCH Community Cancer Hub, Cairns.

As I watch the fabric of society slowly unravel, I am again in a barren place but unlike so many in my community I am not without hope! Thank you Joan for what you sow into the lives of seekers of truth in community. Thank you for your warmth and generosity, good humour, patience, wisdom, guidance, diligence and stewardship of David and Rosemary Riddell’s life work and Godly calling.

I can only imagine the number in the harvest from the good seed you have sown Joan but when that role is called up yonder, I’ll be dancing in the streets of Heaven with you filled with the knowledge of God. It’s such an amazing vision of future hope Joan that today, I wanted to share my gratitude with you, acknowledge your contribution to God’s work and let you know I’m so honoured to be a part of your ministry team. Keep doing what you’re doing and you ROCK!

New Resources

I am very excited about introducing our two new resources to you. There has been a lot of demand over the years for more resources for teenagers and young adults. My Life Rulz was originally written for 4 to 12 year old with the MP3 Songs targeting children from 1-10 years old.

As you read this Newsletter Truth Cards for Teenagers and Adults are on their way form New Zealand. They will be available for purchase from the 1st January 2022.

At only $15 per set of 10 cards with 70 powerful insights formulated from the 10 Rulz for life, they are great value. Anyone who pre-orders a set before the 1st January will receive them for $10!!!

Below is a sneak peek of Rule 5. If you would like to pre-order please email me.

Upcoming Events and News

The January 2022 school in Ormeau (Northern Gold Coast) is nearly full and we will be in a brand new double classroom at Livingstone Christian College. I love these January schools, they are such a wonderful way to start a new year.

I will be working on my tentative calendar for 2022 over the next 6 weeks. Because, we are in changing times some of my calendar events will depend on current circumstances. It has been several years since I have run a school in Gladstone so I am considering that for 2022.

I would like to run several one day workshops next year on various topics too. I am hoping to record several of them as new resources as well. Help for Blended Families is on the top of the list. Any other topics that you might been keen to up-skill on please let me know.

Finally, I am planning to launch a new website very early in 2022. It will combine Living Wisdom Australia and My Life Rulz and will be bursting with exciting resources from several Living Wisdom colleagues. The goal is to bring the greater Living Wisdom resource library and connections together and make your experience easier and more efficient.

Have a brilliant, restful, fruitful holiday season and not to sound cliche but don't forget the true reason for this season. (Image of a Queensland summer)

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