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Addictions, Brokenness and Sexuality

We are all broken but there is a way through and around.

  • Ended
  • 150,000/- ($40USD)
  • Mackindye Country Club, Uganda


When it comes to addictions, change is difficult, and depends almost entirely on the degree of motivation and persuasion present at the point of temptation. A person is a slave to whatever desire masters that person. A physical solution is never a permanent solution to an emotional problem. Weak willpower is the secondary issue, never the primary one. Some of the lesser-recognised addictions include:­ * Anger, aggression and violence. * Adrenaline (invoked by such stimulus as gambling, dangerous thrills/speed.) * Shopping/spending. * Rescuing and co­dependency. Addiction to another person. * Praise, adulation, popularity, centre of attention. * Easy money – theft, prostitution and shady dealing/vice. * Television, videos, games. * Sugar foods and coffee. Sexuality The awakening of erotic desire in the human psyche is a complex and fragile matter, and just how it is awakened is the subject of great debate. However, we don't understand our sexuality until we discover how it is formed from birth to the present day. This is a fascinating topic and relevant to us all. Morning tea and workbook provided. Please BYO lunch.

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