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2024 is long-service leave for me so there are fewer events this year.

Uganda Workshops

I am running Workshops in Uganda in April 

15th to 19th April, 2024

5 full day Workshops

Zambia Two-Week Living Wisdom School

I am running a Two-Week Living Wisdom School in Zambia in May

3rd to 17th of May, 2024


Two-Week Living Wisdom School in Perth

I have tentative plans for a Two-Week Living Wisdom School in Perth in October 

Tentative plans 

October 2024


The two week training schools are our most enduring and transformative training opportunity. Suitable for groups as professional development, relationship enrichment for couples, personal growth and sustainable and powerful transformation. 

The course is crammed packed with concepts that bring new self-awareness, vital life skills and emotional health keys that are uncommonly common sense. Living Wisdom’s goal is to empower people to teach their minds to encourage them, reassure them and look after them.  

It is our mind and beliefs that limit us far more than circumstances or our past.

Our past has often deeply impacted us but as it is unpacked in a safe and individually unique way we get clarity we haven’t had before. There are ‘light bulb’ moments every day for most people and the new tools can be used almost immediately plus you have a Manual for life that never ceases to surprise with its comprehensive content. 


The training runs from 9am–3pm Monday to Friday for two consecutive weeks at a cost of $950.


All students receive Volume 1 and 2 of the Living Wisdom Manuals, Daily Insight resource, journal, lectures notebook, pen, bag and morning teas. 


Schools run several times during the year from various locations around the country.


Visitors, friends, family members etc. are welcome to attend a morning or an afternoon of lectures FREE  any day during our days of training.  Thousands of people have attended as our guests and received far more than they were expecting, with many going on to plan their way into attending a course themselves. This is an excellent sampler of the Living Wisdom material for those who are not sure what they are getting themselves in for!


A courtesy email to to advise of the day you intend to visit would be appreciated. Please note: We cannot forecast which topics may be taught on particular days. Bring pen, paper, your lunch and curiosity. 

workshops for for schools


Workshops are cost effective and for the 'time poor' amongst us (there are too many of us in my opinion) workshops offer a wonderful way to begin improving your life immediately. In just 5 hours you can be going home with new hope, tools, understanding and strategies. For example, did you know that there are 6 common root causes of depression and once these are identified the way through into a far more joyful and exciting life is possible? Similarly, we can identify 15 root causes of anger. This emotion is familiar to us all but it can be incredibly destructive and dangerous if not understood and moderated.  We have an epidemic of anxiety today and in my experience and from the hundreds of clients I have helped over the years, this is far easier to heal than we are led to believe.  

We can also have a discussion about putting on a Workshop for your people, in your workplace, School or Church. Zoom Workshops are also an option we can negotiate. Reasonable prices, professional presentation and content that really hits the mark!  


- Parenting with Courage
- Moods and Emotions
- Habits and Addictions

- Building Better Relationships

- Teaching Your Mind to be Your Friend

..........and more


- Parenting Skills
- Moods and Emotions
- Habits and Addictions

- Building Better Relationships

- Teaching Your Mind to be Your Friend

..........and more

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