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My Life Rulz resources are vital Living Wisdom concepts packaged for children from birth to 12 years through song, illustrations, programs, posters and books.  Our foundational beliefs are the strongest so the purpose of My Life Rulz is to intentionally plant deep true beliefs that will build a healthy foundation for emotional and social health. Resilience will then develop over time as they draw on the insights and deep beliefs that give reassurance, hope and strategies. We are resourcing families, counsellors, schools, churches, chaplains and anyone else in relationship with children. 

My Life Rulz is part of the greater Living Wisdom Library. 

Why My Life Rulz?

“One dreams of what a better world this place would be if all our children had received the benefit of committing My Life Rulz to memory before the age of 10 years. But what better time to begin the vision than now? We commend it to you with hope and prayer that it will find a vital place in the hearts and lives of parents, families, Schools and Churches who are passionate about this generation. Because it is not acceptable to have children suffering from anxiety, depression and hopelessness."

David J Riddell, Living Wisdom, Nelson, NZ

Listen now to the samples of the My Life Rulz tracks below that are for children from birth to 10-12 years.