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Joan Koskela

The first half of my life was full of broken relationships, confusion, harmful parenting and toxic religion. But my world completely changed after being given David's teaching (on tapes, if you remember those) and then attending a 2-Week Living Wisdom School with David Riddell in NZ. I walked away with tools, skills, truth and insight that made such an impact on my own life and relationships, that I became passionate about helping others experience the same. I had what I needed to begin the process of teaching my mind to become my friend.  I started learning how to believe in myself and back myself so that I could finish off the individuation (growing up) process. 

I trained as a Living Wisdom Counsellor, and now run regular Living Wisdom Schools and Workshops around Australia and other places in the World. I developed the My Life Rulz program and tools for teaching healthy thinking to children, and through my counselling practise, I have helped hundreds of client’s experience freedom, peace and happiness through the Living Wisdom model. 

Interestingly, as I have decluttered my mind and off loaded so much emotional baggage, I have done that in the natural world as well. I live a minimalistic, simple, debt-free life in a 22 ft luxury caravan in a beautiful Brisbane suburb. I feel incredibly free and grateful to have created a life where I can be quite nomadic, enabling me to travel to places I am invited because people are seeking answers and they have somehow heard about Living Wisdom. 

David J Riddell

been entirely or partially missing brings automatic change at a profound level, and these Truth Coaches are an essential part of the Living Wisdom methodology, which, among other new tools and concepts, all Living Wisdom students are extensively trained in. David and his wife Rosemary offer backup and support to all national and international Living Wisdom Counsellors and Presenters; they also run 10 day training schools and weekend seminars on a variety of topics in Nelson, New Zealand. See Calendar 

David has spent his life helping others with their lives and relationships, often pulling people out of deep, dark and anxiety-filled emotional pits. He shares that his own childhood was emotionally fraught with all sorts of trauma and abuse. This was the catalyst for him to seek new ways and tools to bring permanent change to other troubled lives; ways that relied less on will-power / self-discipline and more on the insights that set free quickly and effectively. 

David teaches that children are excellent recorders of their experiences, but poor interpreters, and most will, in later years, need help to debrief from these destructive wrong conclusions and misbeliefs that set up poor coping skills and bad attitudes. Better choices demand better foundational truth, for truly the choices we make can never be better than the degree of enlightenment that drives them.

Today the battle is - and always has been - for the human soul and the mind that nourishes or cripples it.  By its bruises we are dysfunctional, and by its renewing we are transformed.  Reading and dwelling on tailor-made insights that have previously 

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