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This set of 10 A5-sized truth cards contains powerful age-appropriate insights designed to help young adults make smarter decisions, build emotional resilience, reframe their experiences, and reassure themselves. The 70 life-enhancing insights on these cards cover a range of important concepts, including value, worth, assertiveness, justice, belonging and making positive choices. Each insight will help plant the internal truth, reassurance and hope young adults need to navigate difficulties and succeed in life and relationships.

My Life Rulz Young Adults Truth Cards - Printed (hard copy)

  • The My Life Rulz Young Adults Truth Cards are: 

    • An ideal memorisation aid to renew unhealthy thinking. 

    • A great group discussion starter to initiate meaningful conversations. 

    • An affordable gift for friends and relatives. 

    • Perfect for placing on a coffee table or a bedroom or toilet wall. 

    • Excellent for the counselling room. 

    • A powerful resource for anyone wanting to improve their thinking. 


    You can learn more about how to use our truth cards by watching the video in the image carousel at the top left of this page. You can learn more about My Life Rulz here: My Life Rulz | Living Wisdom Australia 


    Printed (hard copy) set of My Life Rulz Young Adults truth cards – AUD $20 

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