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A set of 10 Cards. These are the 70 powerful truth coaches found in the Children’s Book minus the grey pages and stinking thinking.

Truth Cards

  • These are the life rules with six other insights.  They are the same insights contained in the Children’s Book but do not include the grey stinking thinking.

    • Perfect for memorisation (even in the car)
    • Family discussions
    • Affordable gift for friends and relatives
    • Great on the bedroom or toilet wall
    • Put them on the coffee table
    • Excellent for the counselling room
    • A resource for the Chaplains office

    One mother used the truth insights as little notes in her children’s lunch boxes.  They would find a truth rolled up inside with a particular insight for the week or day.  She said it was amazing how she seemed to have just the right truth picked out for the child that really gave them reassurance.

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