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Let's beat the dumb lie by tracing it, facing it and replacing it because your study success depends on it. Here are 50 insights in 5 categories to replace this very crippling misbelief.  Intelligence is the ability to make distinctions, process information and initiate something new, and all those skills are themselves largely the result of early nurture and adult input. 

Dumb Lie Truth Cards for Adults

  • Don't stay crippled in your ability or desire to learn any longer! There is no such thing as an intelligence test. All “intelligence” tests rely on the use of concepts and faculties that are entirely the result of nurture and training, whether pictures, blocks, numbers, words or devices. These concepts are so assumed that the testers are entirely unaware of their presence implicit in the questions, not because they lack intelligence, but because they lack the ability to discover their own subconscious assumptions.


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