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This set of Living Wisdom truth cards have been designed to activate your brain’s proven ability to change by helping you replace misbeliefs you have about learning with truth that will make learning easier. These misbeliefs, which we call ‘dumb lies’, stop far too many adults from learning, achieving academic success and even mastering new technology. Almost every week I speak with an adult who is struggling to overcome obstacles between them and their learning, study or education journey. It only takes one wrong deep belief to sabotage your ability to learn. Using this set of truth cards will help you flush out the dumb lies you believe and set your brain free to learn.  

Dumb Lie Truth Cards for Adults - Digital

  • The 50 truth coach statements on these cards are a pivotal key to achieving internal change, learning confidence and hope. You need to read, speak out loud, and think about each truth statement as often as possible until they become part of your new way of thinking.   The Dumb Lie Truth Cards for adults includes five A5-sized truth cards and instructions for how to use them. 

    You can learn more about how to use our truth cards by watching the video in the image carousel at the top left of this page.

    Digital set of adult truth cards – AUD $15

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