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If you are looking for ways to talk about the big topics for teens, if you feel out of your depth, if you would like practical and effective ways to communicate, discuss and reason, then here are some excellent resources for you. 
Teens need reasons more than they need rules, but you need to equip yourself with powerful reasons, insight and understanding. Parenting and working with teens is mandatory up-skilling.  Listen first, talk second. 

Wisdom 101 employs techniques from proven counselling therapies and shows you how to respond well to difficult situations.  It will help you interact effectively with those around you and avoid much pain and confusion as you transition to becoming an independent adult.

This book adopts a simple but powerful approach to help you develop the skills necessary to make the most of your life. Learn how to deal with, and bounce back from, everyday challenges and how to overcome the more difficult circumstances you may encounter.

Whether confronting tough family issues, managing problematic friendships, or coping with complex emotions such as anger, worry, hurt, anxiety and disappointment; this practical guide will help you navigate life’s up and downs.


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