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At last! A comprehensive social/emotional health program designed to really “hit the mark” from a Christian Worldview. This meets the emotional resilience, emotional health and social skills criteria from a Biblical framework – especially designed for Christian Primary Schools. Written by teachers, for teachers, for Lower, Middle and Upper Primary ages.  Purchasing and pricing is per classroom.

Middle Primary Program (7-8 years)

  • Your Digital Resources will be sent to you within 24 hours of your purchase via WE TRANSFER.

    You are required to purchase one Pack per classroom for Copyright purposes.

    Please don't hesitatee to contact me to help with your questions and explore possibilities for your school. ( 

    The outcome aimed for is the formation and development of good mental and emotional health in the child’s formative years which will, in turn, result in emotional resilience during their life. That means greatly decreasing the likelihood of emotional struggles such as depression, anxiety, fear and suicidal thinking.

    You will need to purchase one Pack per classroom 

    • 1 x Lower Primary Program  5- 6 years (Hard Copy and Digital files)
    • 10 x A3 full colour digital posters for you to print and laminate as required
    • 1 x Children’s Book with You Tube Channel Training
    • 1 x Children’s Book PowerPoint (Digital)
    • 1 x Song lyrics on PowerPoint (Digital)
    • 1 x Song CD consisting of 11 songs, 1 song per rule plus 1 bonus track (Physical product plus MP3's) 

    The Program can be used immediately by just going through the You Tube Training. 

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