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80 wisdom bites, truth coaches, insights, principles to empower you in your most important role.  10 truth coaches under 8 categories:-

  • Parenting Tips
  • Household Moods
  • Discipline
  • Teens
  • Training
  • Maintaining Cooperation
  • Adult Challenges
  • Learning and Growing

Parenting Truth Coach Cards

  • A most powerful insight is this:

    Children are excellent recorders of their experiences but poor interpreters of them.  In other words, they need your help to interpret their experiences and the most effective way to do that is in your daily debrief time.  Sitting around the dinner table talking about your day, the great and the not so great events of the day.  The Parenting Truth Cards are to empower you and equip you in the training of your children but they are also to help you identify where you may want to grow and up skill.  Some people have trouble finding the time to read books so that is a very quick and effective way to identify some powerful parenting principles.  They are a foundation, a tool, a great beginning to keep your finger on the pulse personally and as a parent.

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