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This Wisdom Workshop was recorded on in May 2020 with a group of people keen to understand what emotional health actually looks like. This recording is 90 minutes. You receive the Vimeo Workshop along with MP3 audio files and your personal Workbook.  



12 Fundamentals of Emotional Health (Video + Audio)

  • In this culture of struggling emotional health it is wise to understand what a healthy mind actually look like.  This 'white line' down the middle of the road enables us to 'drive without the fog'. Because our mind determines our perception of reality (not reality itself) and therefore also determines the quality of our life, it really needs to be properly trained to become our friend by taking mental hygiene seriously. To some degree, right now, the state of your attitude, mood, future, family and finances unerringly reflect your own mental and emotional health.  How is it looking?

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